2024 European Cup rising stars

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and some may be unknown but shine in the European Cup and face more big challenges in their subsequent career stages

2024 European Cup-Rising stars

In every important cup competition, some young players will show their talents. Some players may have become super stars who have attracted a lot of attention, and some may be unknown but shine in the European Cup and face more big challenges in their subsequent career stages, the author of this article selects four young players that you should pay attention to.

Lamine Yamal (16)​

For fans who usually follow the five major leagues, Lamine Yamal is a name that needs no introduction, but if you are a football newbie, then Yamal is definitely a name you should remember.

16-year-old Lamine Yamal plays for La Liga giants Barcelona. is still under Spanish law because it states that “young people are not allowed to work at night”. Yamal scored 5 goals and 5 assists in the first full season of his career especially his dribbling ability and destructive ability on the wing are among the best in the league At 16 years old, he can have such maturity on the court the performance is really surprising.

According to the formations in the last few friendly matches, Yamal has a very good chance to serve as the starting right winger of the Spanish team in the next major games His ability to create chances and breakthrough abilities are proven in friendly matches.

His presence has made the Spanish team the first choice for the past few years. The offensive abilities that the Armada lacks have greatly improved what kind of performance this talented youngster can put on on the biggest stage.

Florian Wirtz (21)

This season is the fifth year for 21-year-old Wirtz in the Bundesliga. It is hard to imagine that a young man who has just turned 20 can create a “double ten” points in the Bundesliga, and the total in all . the competitions are closer “Double twenty”, the outstanding statistics allowed him to win the honor of the best player in the Bundesliga this season.

Wirtz, who currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, is a versatile offensive midfielder who can also play the role of left forward. Wirtz is versatile because he can pass and shoot, and he has good court control.

And perhaps starting his career at such a young age, Wirtz’s stability and maturity on the court is something that ordinary young players lack. In particular, his ability to withstand pressure and the stability of his contribution to the team are the best in the author’s opinion, one of the best young players, certainly not a chance to win the award of the best player in the five major leagues at the age of 21.

For the Germans, the presence of Florian Wirtz is definitely a gift from God. In the last ten years, they have lacked a midfielder who can understand the general situation and create opportunities, although the German tanks have players like Toni Kroos or llkay Gündogan type of top midfielder can deliver the ball accurately.

But there’s no denying that their offensive creativity on the field is definitely not as good as Wirtz’s, and too often they have to consider both offense and defense, and sometimes they can’t help but lose sight of one.

Although Wirtz is not extraordinary in stature at this stage and cannot handle collisions, Wirtz has his own ability to penetrate and create, and can provide some different sparks when the German team faces a stalemate All in all, Wirtz has the ability to change the game how much magic he can do in the intra-conference match will determine if the German team can return to glory.

Benjamin Šeško (21)

Šeško, who currently plays for Red Bull Leipzig, has been a big hit in the recent transfer market Although he scored 14 goals in the Bundesliga last season, which is not very many, his 7 goals in a row at the end of the season proved his fearsomeness. offensive efficiency; although he already has A few days ago, it was confirmed that he will stay with Red Bull until 2029, but there is no guarantee that he will be hired by a rich team during this period and move to a higher level.

Šeško from Slovenia is 195 centimeters tall, has great offensive ability and flexibility, and can run very fast on the court. His tall stature gives him great heading ability, and unlike other tall centers, Šeško has excellent long-range shooting ability and can pose a goal threat from outside of the penalty area when the game is deadlocked.

The most surprising thing is that Šeško is also good at tackling defenders on the wings to create space for himself or his teammates Along with his excellent offloading ability and physical confrontation, Šeško is became an all-around offensive terminator.

For the Slovenian team, Šeško is the complete core and center of gravity Almost all the players in the team do not play in the five major leagues other 10 players on the field have experience. The author looks forward to how Šeško will deal with the tangle and interference of the Premier League’s top defenders when he faces England in the group stage Slovenia’s final result If Šeško can show his level at such a stage, it will surely be a boost this in his career.

Kenan Yildiz (19)

Compared to Arda Güler, who is already known for Real Madrid this season, the author would like to introduce Kenan Yildiz, who is also from Turkey and currently plays for Juventus in Serie A. Yildiz, who is 185 centimeters tall , usually plays in the central position in the team, and occasionally plays as a left winger which is why he rose to prominence in Serie A.

Of course, Yildiz still has weaknesses at this age. With Juventus’ offensive strength in Serie A, Yildiz should have plenty of shooting and assisting opportunities, but there is clearly a big gap between the number of goals and assists and the expected value. In addition, Yildiz’s ability to challenge for the top in the penalty area is not particularly good this season, the overall success rate is about 43%. centimeters tall Compared to some taller players, A short forward, he has a natural physical advantage.

Although Yildiz still lacks finishing ability, who is only 19 years old, it does not stop him from being a talented forward. Especially his dribbling ability is definitely at a superior level, maybe it will be better than that within 2 or 3 years, when his skills package is gradually formed, the Turkish team he and Güler built is the biggest dark horse in the European arena.